zulu dance


zulu dance


If you look at me hey zulu you van see And if you dance with me hey zulu you can be. Hey, zulus attention! (1st time) left hand! (clap your left hand on your thigh) (2nd time) right hand! (clap your right hand on your thigh) (3rd time) left foot! (stomp your left foot on the ground) (4rd time) right foot! (jump) (5th time) around! (go around doing all the other moves as well) (6th time) down! (all of the above plus go down,{so down that your bottom almost touches the ground}


You all must be in a circle. One person is the leader. Everybody sings the song until it's time for the leader to say hey, zulus attention! At that point everybody just stands still. Leader says: left hand! And all the others repeat that and starts clapping their hand. The same song goes on and on until all the movements have been added.

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