YMCA Community Garden


YMCA Community Garden


This past May, for my Eagle project, I helped to restore the community garden at the local YMCA. This garden is set up inside of an old horse corral that is now used for the plants. It involved adding peat moss and compost manure to each planter bed to rejuvenate the soil, adding some catmint plants alongside the path to the garden, as well as digging up the ground to place in a stone dust walking area wide enough for wheelchair access. It was started on May 14, 2011 and completed on May 28, 2011. This project benefitted many of the groups that meet at the YMCA. As an added bonus, it also had a good impact on the local pantry. A portion of the vegetables in each planter box is donated to the local pantry, as part of a program they have set up in coordination with the YMCA.


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