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Shawn has earned 27 merit badges over the last 3 years. He has been a patrol leader and was recently elected to be the assistant senior patrol leader. In the spring he will become the senior patrol leader. Also, Shawn is currently a Den Chief for one of the dens in Pack 103. Shawn also completed two scoutmaster assigned leadership projects in the last year. One was to organize the December court of honor and act as MC. The other was to organize the troop trailer. This project involved about 25 people one Saturday. Significant alterations were made that gave the troop a better way to load and unload the gear and keep track of the contents. Shawn’s eagle project involved over 150 hours of combined manpower. He worked with the 2 local parks (Red Bridge and Cicero) and developed a plan to build and install 19 blue bird houses between them. The houses were all hand made of cedar, mounted on steel poles and concreted into the ground. Each bird house has a commemorative plaque showing all of the boys names that helped in the project as well as the sponsors. In addition to what I have just read, Shawn has other accomplishments over the last 3 years. He has logged over 80 days and nights of camping. He earned the special mile swim award which requires the scout to swim one mile continuously. He attended 3 summer camps and earned his Firecrafter rank at this past camp. Firecrafter is program available only in the Indiana BSA. It takes 3 summer camps to complete. The last one is an intense week of activity in which the scout completes many activities including developing a 30 minute campfire and lighting a fire by using only friction. The scout builds his own campfire and conducts the proceeding. The program is geared to developing scout skills and leadership character. Shawn was elected to the order of the arrow in 2003. This past summer Shawn participated in the Current River canoe outing with other members of the troop which was a 56 mile 4 day event. He also earned the 50 miler award after completing service for 10 hours in addition to the trip. A true character builder! While Shawn has very active in the troop he has other accomplishments outside the troop. Shawn is a straight A student. This past year he was elected to the National Junior Honor Society and received several academic awards from Hamilton Heights Middle School. He has participated in several sports activities. In swimming he qualified for the State Semi Finals. He took first in one event and 5th, 6th and 8th in 3 other events. He also qualified for the State Finals in one event


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