Relay for Life - Logistics


Relay for Life - Logistics


This was an approved project for a scout with some disabilities. His Grandma and Aunt both have cancer and the project meant a lot to him. The scout organized a group of people to come to the event to 'clean' the area during and after the event. It was estimated that over 1000 people attended the event. Over 100 trash barrells had to be emptied all through the event for 24 hours. Each barrell had to be off loaded from a carrier and placed throughout the park. At the end of the event each barrell had to be put back in the shipping container. During the event we also had to clean the entire ballon park and the fence line. We wanted to make sure that all the trash was picked up and that the park would be ready for the Ballon Fest. The scouts also placed several thousand lumanires througout the track. The scout also lite them all. The scout had a total of 509 hours in the project and 34 personal hours in planning and 26 hours executing the project. We were commended by the group Relay for Life for the effort the scouts in the project. We were told that this is the first time the people got to leave by 2pm and the park was the "cleanest" the ever seen after the event.


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