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Mia Bella Candles

High quality gourmet candles, for no start up cost, and organizations earn up to $6 per candle sold. For instance, if 50 people sold 10 candles each, at $6 per candle, that's $3000 profit.


We have a high quality gourmet candle that you can only purchase through an independent distributor or a fundraiser. Most of our fundraisers are from repeat business, because the consumer asks the organizations to run the same fundraiser over and over again. We have over 100 different scents of candles, so if you offer 20 different scents at a time depending upon the season, you will always have a different variety to offer. Your Organization will make great money too! If you had just 50 people, selling 10 candles each, at $20 per candle, (which means $6 per candle profit for you), Your organization would make $3000.00. We have one of the highest profit fundraisers around. I supply all the materials you will need, and it won't cost you a dime in start up costs. Turn around time from start to delivery is two to three weeks. Depending on how long you want to run the fundraiser. Mia Bella gourmet candles are a high quality candle, made out of all natural materials, with cotton wicks. They are nearly soot free, and burn evenly all the way to the bottom. The scents are amazing, if you order Victorian Rose - it smells just like a real rose. From top to bottom, the scent never changes. You can go to my web site at www.karynscandles.com to check out all of the different items we offer, and there is even a page that lists all of the scents with a description of each. Don't forget to register for our weekly drawing to win a free candle! If you are interested in discussing a fundraiser with me in person, please give me a call at the phone number listed below. I would be happy to speak with you over the phone, or even in person. Thank You for your time in reading this letter, and I hope to help you raise a lot of money in the very near future! Karyn Johnson Independent Distributor http://www.karynscandles.com Karyn.Johnson73@verizon.net (570) 337-8159

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