Chicken Dance


Chicken Dance


Chourus Everybody..... Do the chicken dance! I said everybody..... Do the chicken dance! Dance around like you've got ants in you pants. And do the chicken dance! Verse 1: A really old man From down the street Sat on a bench And tapped his feet He stood up And gave me a glance So we started doing The Chicken Dance Chourus: A lepricon He came to me Asking "where Ireland be?" Go over the sea Just take a chance But before you go Do the Chicken Dance! Chourus: There was a lot of noise Coming from my house The people were jumping Some were on the ground Everyone was in a Funny trance They were all doing The Chicken Dance! Chourus: Yeah do the Chicken Dance Come on do the Chicken Dance Just do.... The Chicken.... DANCE!!!!


Dance like a CHICKEN

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Ferdinand Tretter


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