Worlds Smarted Dog


Worlds Smarted Dog


3 people: 1 to be the worlds smartest dog, 1 to be the proud owner and 1 to be a skeptic




The proud owner with his dog walks up to the skeptic. Owner: "I have the worlds smartest dog." Skeptic: "I don't believe it." Owner: "No really. Ask him anything." Skeptic: "Hmmm, he doesn't look very smart. OK dog, whats the stuff on the side of that tree?" Dog: "Bark!" Skeptic: "Well, what do you call the top of a house?" Dog: "Roof!" Skeptic: "Alright then what letter of the alphabet comes after the leter Q?" Dog: "Arrr!" Skeptic becoming more adjitated "Doh! You got lucky with that one, but how would you describe sand paper?" Dog: "Ruff!" Skeptic: "OK. OK. You think your so smart. I bet you can't name one rank of Cub Scouts!" Dog: "Wolf!" Skeptic now smiling "Wow! You ARE the worlds smartest dog!"


Jeff Rice


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