World's Greatest Pickpocket


World's Greatest Pickpocket


Random things that might be in someone's pocket (wallet, sunglasses, pocket knife, keys, etc), as well as a pair of boxers.


Have everything but the boxers put into one of the actor's pockets, and have the boxers put into the other actor's pocket.


The actors start on opposite sides of the stage, and come on. Person 1: Hey man, I haven't seen you since high school! Person 2: Aw yeah, it's been a while! They hug, then back away. Person 1: So what have you been doing? Person 2: You know, just trying to get by. I have my own house, car... so what have you been doing with yourself? Person 1: Well, I've become the world's greatest pickpocket. Person 2: No way.....prove it! Person 1: I already have! He pulls out the objects one by one, showing them off. You can get pretty creative with this (ex: pull out a business card, then yell out "CURVES?!?") Person 1: So yeah, I'm the world's greatest pickpocket! Person 2: (pulls out boxers) Yeah, well I got your underwear! Person 1 chases Person 2 off the stage.


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