World War II


World War II


anything that can be used as barricades to hide behind. 2 of them


3 scouts are crouching behind each barricade, and each scout is facing the barricade across from them.


Narrorator:"here is a reinactment of the second world war"  
the scouts pop up from the barricades, firing pretend shots at each other for a few times. then, scout 1 (who is crouching behind a barricade with scouts 2 and 3) says "hey Hans!".  
he says this twice. scout 2 says "what are you doing?"  
Scout 1:"All those Germans are named Hans. Hey Hans!"  
Scout 4: stands up form the other barricade and says "ya?"  
and scout 1 shoots him. Then, scout 5 says "Hey Joe!". He says this twice. Scout 6 asks "what are you doing?"  
Scout 5:"all those americans are named Joe. hey Joe!"  
Scout 1 yells back:"Is that you Hans?"  
Scout 5 stands up and says:"ya" and scout 1 shoots him


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