World Champion Spitting Competition


World Champion Spitting Competition


One scout with a tin can to make a "plink" when the "spit" hits. Other scouts are in the woods with big sticks to whack the trees to simulate ricochet shots.


Hide several scouts around the outside of the fire ring behind trees with their heavy sticks.


Announcer introduces the contestants Spitters are stationed at one side of the campfire, the judges in the middle, and the "catcher" at the far side of the ring. Announcer brings first contestant and announces his three entries will be the slow ball, the fast ball and the curve ball. Spitter winds up and delivers. Catcher thumps the bottom of his can with his finger to simulate the catch. Judges swivel their heads fast and slow or in a loop for the curve ball Announcer introduces second contestant who will to his famous ricochet shots. He winds up and spits and the scouts in the woods whack the trees, and the judges heads swivel to track the ricochet around the campfire ring, ending with the catcher pinging his can. Use your imagination for elaborate shots. Judges declare the winner or can get hit with the ricochets or any other way to wrap it up.


Marty Lasher


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