Woodlawn Plantation Nature Trail


Woodlawn Plantation Nature Trail


Built a 1/4 mile nature trail around a Pre-Civil War Family Cemetary and Ante Bellum Home which now belongs to a state facility with long term care patients. Troop 51 of Jackson, LA assisted with the building of the trail, including bird houses, bird feeders, bird baths, squirrel feeders, old fashioned benches and picnic tables. The ground cover for the trail was obtained by using wood from ground-up tree stumps which had fallen during a tornado. The border for the nature trail was landscape timbers obtained by a fundraiser from which the funds were used specifically for the purpose of the building and upkeep of the trail. A brochere was also developed explaining the history of the plantation and the family who lived there. Markers were placed by historical areas and by trees which had been on the trail for over 200 years.


Ferdinand Tretter


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