Wings of a Buzzard


Wings of a Buzzard


This is a repeat after me song. (echo on all lines) If I had the wings of a Buzzard. Up to the hills I would fly. There I would remain as a Buzzard. Until the day that I died. Chorus! (pronounced ch-or-us) Oo la, Oo la, Oo la, Oo la. Oo la, Oo la la la. la la. repeat 2 more times replacing buzzard with other things like airplane(pronounce it arplane) or Scoutmaster and adapting the song for guests or your camp out location. A good adaptation is if you have girl scout guests, on the last verse, repeat 1st verse, replacing buzzard with "Girl Scout" and fly with "run"


feel free to make motions with this depending on what is flying, swimming, running, whatever, and to make it sound hilarious, have the leader(the first person, not the echo) scream at the top of his lungs so he sounds like he has a hoarse voice.

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Great with visitors or family bonfires


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