1-" Hey _____, can you do the wigaloo?" 2-"I can do the wigaloo?" 1-"I said can you do the wigaloo?" 2-"I can do the wigaloo, with my hands up high and my feet down low I can do the wigaloo. Wigaloo, wig-wigaloo, wigaloo, wig-wigaloo."


hands up high- hands go up feet down low- hands go down Wigaloo, wig-wigaloo- person saying this makes up a funny dance while they sing wigaloo.

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Person 1 calls somebody's name to start off the song. Its easier if its another counsellor first so the campers learn how the song goes and then campers names can be called! Its a lot of fun when campers start calling on other campers.


The Unknown Scout


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