Where's the cereal bowl


Where's the cereal bowl


Fruit loops, or some other type of cereal, milk, a spoon, and two scouts.


Make sure that the scouts don't mind being grossed out, and make sure that if, by some chance, someone in the audience has a bowl, they don't accept it.


The two scouts walk onstage. Scout 1: Hi everyone! We're on a campout, and we're stopping for lunch. Cereal is always a good hiking lunch because it's light weight, and gives you good energy. Scout 2: So, we have our spoon, our cereal (hold up cereal and spoon), and our milk (hold up milk). Scout 1: Dude, where's the bowl? Scout 2: Weren't you brining it? Scout 1: No! You were supposed to bring the bowl! (Scout 1 turns to audience) Does anyone have a bowl? No? Well then this is what you do when you don't have a bowl. (Scout 2 lies down on the ground) First, we put in the milk (scout one pours milk into scout 2's mouth). Then, we put in the cereal (pour cereal into scout 2's mouth). Now, It's ready to eat! (have scout one take the spoon and dip it into scout two's cereal-filled mouth and eat it. most of the audience will be gagging by this time.) Then, once I've eaten half of the cereal, he swallows the rest! (scout two swallows the rest of the cereal, then he stands p and both of the scouts take a bow)


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