What's Wrong


What's Wrong


Pay attention to the skit before yours. If it is really good, then go with version 1. If its not so great or one that has been used over and over and over again, go with version 2!


The first scout comes out visibly upset, irritated and possibly crying (which progressively gets worse throughout the skit). Scout 2 comes out onto stage and notices Scout 1. Concerned, Scout 2 asks the first scout what is wrong. Scout 1 whispers it to Scout 2 who upon hearing the terrible news, also becomes upset. Scene repeats with each new scout asking the latest scout what is wrong. Finally, the last scout comes out to stage and seeing everyone so distraught ask them all what is wrong. The upset scouts then, in unison tells the last scout: Version 1: (scouts point in the general direction where the scouts of the previous skit walked off from) "They stole our skit!" Version 2: "We forgot to do a skit!"




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