What Do I Feel

What Do I Feel

What Do I Feel


15-20 items (such as penny, marble, pocketknife, hammer, book, or compass), each patrol/den will need a paper and pencil, and use neckerchiefs for blindfold.


Form all patrols/dens into a circle, face all of the boys towards the center, and blindfold them. Pass all of the items around the circle allowing each scout to feel them in turn. Once all of the items have been passed around, the patrols/dens must write down all of the items in the order they came around. Variations: Form a patrol/den into a line and instead of blindfolding them, pass the items along behind their backs.


Each correct answer is worth 10 points, and the patrol/den with the most points wins.

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What Do I Feel

What Do I Feel What do I feel?


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