We Come From the Mountains


We Come From the Mountains


(Upbeat and fast) We come from the mountains, we come from the mountains. Go back to the mountains, Turn the world around. (Slowly and reverently) We come from the mountains Go back to the mountains Turn the world around. Sing each verse this way, but the first time say mountains, the second time say water, third time say sky, and last time say fire. Then, one a final verse if you want, sing: We come from the mountains, we come from the water. Go back to the sky, Turn the world around. We come from the fire. Go back to the fire, Turn the world around.

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I learned this song as a Cadette at Camp Wildside in Belfair, Washington. When I was a PA, this was one of our favorite songs to sing for the girls. They loved it. Best sung outdoors at campfire.


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