Way up in the Sky


Way up in the Sky


WAAAY UP IN THE SKY! the little birds fly, With a wing on the right and a wing on the left. THAAAH BIG SUN COMES UP! the dew falls away. GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING! GOOD MORNING!


Everyone stands with their hands down and as they start the first line they throw their hands up in the air holding them up pulling down one arm at a time in chicken fashion corresponding with the right and left in the second line. As they start the third line they throw their hands up in the air with fingers outstretched and slowly letting them fall wiggling the fingers on the way down.(resembling the sun coming up and the dew falling away) Then in three short successions raising the hands and lowering them as they sing the last line.

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This is a morning assembly (flags) song. Kind of a wake up and get moving song.


Cleon Couey


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