Watermelon on that Vine


Watermelon on that Vine


Hambones are good (Ugh) Chicken is sweet (Yeah) Possom meat is very, very fine on it's own But give me, oh give me, I really wish you would That watermelon hangin on that viiine OOOOOOOOOOh the night I went to fetch it It was a rainy night The moon and stars had just begun to shine (YEEHAW) But the farmer up and saw me And scared me half to death (AHH!) So I never got that watermelon on the vine (Say What?) I never got that watermelon on that vine (One more time!) I never got that watermelon on that vine!


Line 1: at ugh pull your arms in like you're grunting and kick your knee up 2: at yeah throw your hands up 3: act like you're eating out of a bowl 4: clap hands to rhythm of song 5: clasp your own hands and create a watermelon that keeps getting bigger - at vine create a vine with your body 1: (OOOOh) make an 'O' with your hand; pretend to lasso the watermelon 2: create rain with your hands 3: create a moon with your arms; at yeehaw punch fist into air 4: create glasses with your hands 5: act scared at the (AAh) 6, 7, 8: rpt action line 5 vs 1

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very fast paced song, fun, and amazing to do before breakfast in the morning ;) enjoy!




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