Water Water


Water Water


1 Cup of Water 1 Comb Sevaral sacks of salty snacks (or pretend)


Have one scout really mess up his hair (or have a cowlick) - he will appear to be dying of thirst, and also have the comb in his back pocket. Also, place the cup of water at the opposite end of the stage from where the the scout "Dying of thirst" starts crawling along the stage.


Scout with messy hair is crawling on the ground, appearing to by dying of thirst, moaning "water, water!" The first scout passes him, and says, "All I have is this bag of pretzels." He walks off the stage. The 2nd scout walks onto the stage, and again the scout on the floor moans, "Water, water!" The 2nd scout says, "Sorry, all I have is this bag of potato chips!" and walks off the stage. This continues until finally, the messy-haired scout crawling on the ground nears the cup of water. He excitedly says "Water." He jumps up excitedly saying "Water, Water!" He pulls his comb out of his back pocket, dips the comb into the water and then combs his hair, smoothing down the cowlick!


Ferdinand Tretter


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