Cup half full of water. Three to thirty scouts.


Place a cup of water in the center of the stage. Have scouts off stage (some behind the audience, some behind the stage and some to either side of the stage and audience). Scouts should pull shirt tales out, mess up hair, etc.


From off stage all scouts start to stagger, crawl and drag themselves toward the cup of water moaning, "Water, water," "I need water," "I'm so thirsty," etc. Each scout should act as if they are in a desert struggling to reach water. One by one they should fall dead before they reach the water. Two final scouts should reach the water at the same time and with their last amount of energy they should (pretend) fight for the cup. In dramatic fashion, the last surviving scout lifts the cup and triumphantly pronounces "WATER!" then preparing to drink looks into the cup and says with disgust, "There’s a fly in it!" He immediately throws the water onto the audience and lies down to die.


Q Klingonsmith


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