Want a Quarter


Want a Quarter


One quarter and three scouts (not in uniform, two dressed casual and one like a hobo)


One guy walking with a quarter in his pocket.


The first scout walks around with a quarter in his pocket. Then a second scout is coming towards the first scout, and ask him, "Do you have a quarter, and do you want to get richer?" Next the first scout says, "Sure, why not?" So then the second scout tells the first scout, "Drop the quarter and then pick it up again." Then the second scout says, "Wow, you just got a quarter richer." (Keep on doing it over) Then they decide to leave it so others can get richer, then they say, "Wow, someone was generous." Then the third scout, which was dressed like the hobo, goes and plays with the quarter and pretends to get richer.


brandon schofield


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