Vive L’amour


Vive L’amour


Let every good fellow now join in a song. Vive la compagnie Success to each other and pass it along. Vive la compagnie. Vive la vive la vive l’amour (2X) Vive l’amour.(2X) (CHORUS) Vive la compagnie Should time or occasion compel us to part Vive la compagnie. These days shall forever enliven the heart. Vive la compagnie. A friend on your left and a friend on the right Vive la compagnie. In willing endeavor our hands we unite. Vive la compagnie. Now wider and wider our circle expands. Vive la compagnie. We sing to our comrades in faraway lands. Vive la compagnie.

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David Turner


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