Upper Winter Creek Trail


Upper Winter Creek Trail


For my project I elected to restore about a 100’ section of the Upper Winter Creek Trail in the Angeles National Forest. This section of trail had eroded away to about 4” wide because it was actually on the side of a steep hill. The trickiest part of this project was maintaining a footing because from the trail to the bottom was about 200 yards down. With twenty-two volunteers, including people not belonging to the troop, we managed to widen this section of trail to about 4’ wide. We added 6’ stakes into the ground where we wanted the width of the new trail to be and then using a thick wire to tie them to an adjacent stake on the inside of the trail. The forestry calls “dead men”. We then added fencing along them and then filled this all in with rocks and dirt to recreate the trail. I personally put in about 26 hours and all total with the help that I had we had close to 600 hours invested. This took several weekends to complete and midway through I thought I was in over my head. Tools like sledge hammers, generators and electric drills were hiked in for about a mile and had to be hiked out each day we worked. We were all very tired at the completion of this project but it was well worth it. Thank You Jim Horton!!!




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