Untraditional Caramel Apple “Cobbler”


Untraditional Caramel Apple “Cobbler”


2 cans apple pie filling (get the kind with the pop-top lids for ease) 1 tube of 8 refrigerated cinnamon rolls 1 bottle of squeeze caramel (found in the ice cream section)


Dutch oven Spoon or spatula Pam or aluminium foil


Spray the bottom and sides of the Dutch oven with Pam or line with aluminium foil. Spoon the cans of apple pie filling into Dutch oven. Generously squeeze the caramel onto the apples. Layer the cinnamon rolls in a ring with the last one in the center on the caramel, leaving space between them as they poof up. Place Dutch oven on about 8-10 coals, and cover with about 12-14 coals. Cook until the rolls are no longer doughy. This could take awhile as the rolls aren’t touching the bottom as they are when baked by themselves.


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Conventional oven conversion: Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. You can use the Dutch oven in the conventional oven or a round cake pan. Again, bake until the rolls aren’t doughy. Hint: Serve with vanilla ice cream for an extra-special treat!




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