Unspellable Murder


Unspellable Murder


4 scouts (1 murderer, 1 victim, & 2 bystanders)


Practice really hard.


Victim walks out onto stage and says, "Ah, what a beautiful day!" Then murderer comes out and says, "BANG!" shooting victim with a finger gun. Victim falls down and murderer pretends to take victim's wallet. Murderer runs away. Bystanders walk on stage and then notice victim. Bystander 1 says, "Oh, my God! He's dead!" Bystander 1 then goes into a silent panic. Bystander 2 calls the police and says, "Hello? Police? There's been a murder!" (short pause) "On the corner of..." (squints to check sign) "...Montegue and Westchester." (another short pause) "Spell it? I can't spell that!" (hangs up phone) Bystander 2 says to bystander 1,"Come on, man, let's move him to the corner of King and L."


The Unknown Scout


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