Typical Day in New York City


Typical Day in New York City


You will need four scouts to do this one. Two Muggers, victim, and a narrator. Plus loose pocket change, watch and /or valuables


Have two of the older scouts line up on side of stage and one of the lightest scouts on the other. make sure the lightest scout is wearing clothing with open pockets. The two older guys are the muggers and the lightest guy is the victim. Place change,watch and valuables in lightest scout's pockets.


The skit begins with the narrator saying that this is a typical day in NYC. As he says that the scoutswalk to opposite side of stage at a liesurely walk with the lightest guy passing between the two older scouts. The narrator then says stop and says now let us rewind and play this in slow motion. So the scouts act like they are in rewind and walk in reverse back to where they started from. Then they start to walk to opposite side of stage once again in slow motion, but when the two scouts meet the little scout they pick him up and shake him upside down. At this time all the money, watch and valubles should fall to the ground. The two scouts return to put the lightest scout back to his feet and collect everything that fell out of his pockets. Then all three continue to walk to the opposite side of stage as if nothing had ever happened.


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