Two Suckers on a Stick


Two Suckers on a Stick


a long skinny log 7+ scouts (including 2 members of the audience)


not much (1 time through)


Someone chooses 2 people from the audience, and they each hold one end of the log. This acts as a counter at a store. The store owner is standing behind the "counter". The first scout comes in and asks "Do you have any Skittles?" The store owner replies "Nope". The next scout comes in and says "Do you have any M&Ms?" The store owner replies, "Nope". This continues inserting different candy types until there is only one more scout left. The last scout comes in, asks if they have a different candy, and when the store owner says no, the scout says, "Well then what do you have?" Finally, the store owner says, "Well, I have 2 suckers on a stick!"


Ferdinand Tretter


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