Tuna Ramen Surprise


Tuna Ramen Surprise


1 package of Chunk Light Tuna (prepackaged) or 1 can of Chunk Light Tuna drained 2 packages of Ramen, flavor of choice 3/4 cup graded sharp cheddar cheese Water, depends on how much you want


Cooking pot MSR cooking stove or similar Camp fork or spoon


Boil water in cooking pot Add Ramen noodles and allow to cook for 3 minutes Add Chunk Light Tuna package to Ramen and stir Add graded sharp cheddar cheese and stir You did it!


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As simple as it seems, this is a filling meal with the extra ingredients... and better yet, it is a cheap meal and easy to cook for anyone anywhere. Used it up in the backcountry during winter snow cave camping, but also can use it down at basecamp in a campground. Very tastey when you add the cheese!


Kelsi F


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