Trophy Croz


Trophy Croz


Required: Leader (the victim) 4 to 10 scouts A trophy materials for simple costumes for dracula, mummy, werewolf would be a plus


Preparation: Give the trophy to the unsuspecting Leader telling him that you'll ask him to present it to the scout after this skit. Have BILLY the brave scout sitting in the audience.


Have all the other scouts offstage. Script: MC: Scouts, Parents, and Guests - welcome. We have with us today a very special scout. Billy, please come up here. This young man has proven his bravery through trials and challenges most of us would never dream of let alone live through. Billy is afraid of nothing! He has traveled through Transylvania during a full moon, camped out alone in a cemetery, and even kissed a girl once! MC: I'm sure some of you probably don't believe anyone could be so brave so I've rounded up some of the most gruesome monsters that have ever walked the face of the earth. Billy will demonstrate his bravery for you. MC: Here comes DRACULA - a blood-thirsty fiend from the old country! (Dracula glides up to Billy and raises his arms about to attack.) (Billy smiles and shakes his hand.) (Dracula dejectedly shuffles off behind Billy while werewolf is coming on.) MC: And now, a foul werewolf from England - a ferocious beast of the night! (Werewolf charges in, growling and clawing the air.) (Billy yawns as he looks at the werewolf.) (werewolf whimpers away behind Billy as mummy comes in.) MC: The mummy! an undead creature from Egypt! (Mummy walks in with arms straight ahead, groaning and mumbling.) (Billy checks his wristwatch and looks bored.) (mummy shuffles away as next monster comes in.) You can use zombie, King Kong, Gollum, ... but Billy is friendly or bored with them all. Finally all the monsters are gathered behind Billy. MC: As you can see, nothing scares this bravest of scouts, not even the most hideous monsters of the world. And, to recognize Billy's bravery, our leader, Mr. ______, will now present him with a small trophy. Good job, Billy! (Billy needs to keep looking out at the audience and smiling. As the leader gets close to him and holds out the trophy, Billy turns from the audience to look at him. Then with a terrified look on his face he runs away from the leader screaming. All the monsters and MC also run away yelling, screaming, and moaning as they leave the stage.)


crosby schultz


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