troop 181 fire roasted whole chicken/ turkey


troop 181 fire roasted whole chicken/ turkey


whole chicken or turkey butter salt & pepper & garlic powder can use liquid marinade if you have the time


hot coals good thick gloves one role of aluminum foil meat thermomter


Get coals nice and hot. I reccomend a large fire pit so that you can move meat from one hot spot then get the cold spot going again. and just keep doing so till meat is done. Season bird with butter and other seasoning. Then oil a piece of the alimunum foil. ( the section touching the bird. Then wrap the bird in aluminum foil wrap it well. The aluminum foil will protect it from flames and from burning so dont get skimpy with it. Then place the bird right on the coals. Rotate the bird with the gloves every so often when coals get cool move to hot section keep doing this till bird is done try not to poke the bird with thermomter to much it will dry out if you poke it (all meat will). may take up to an hour and a half or longer/ try not to pull it out till you are sure. remeber you have wraped it up with aluminum is annoying to unwrap and see its not done.




makes a great bird


Ferdinand Tretter


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