Troop 84 Beef Stew


Troop 84 Beef Stew


Stew Beef, Potatos, Baby carrots, onion Bisquick, water.


One lage pot with lid, cutting board and knife, one plate, one large cooking spoon, and a propane stove.


Take your plate and put some bisquick into it. Cutup your stew meat and roll in the bisquick, put in the pot. Clean and cut the potatos into bite size bits, put in the pot. Cutup some of the onion and add to the beef and potatos. You can just add the carrots or you can cut them up. Add about 2-3 cups of water but do not drown everything. The juice from the meat will add alot of flavor so don't go over board withe sesonings. If you want a thick stew and more Bisquick. Put the pot on the stove on medium heat and cover. stir offten. The stew should be ready in about one hour.


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This is a very flexable recipe. That is why I did not list amounts. It can feed a patrol or a whole troop.


Ferdinand Tretter


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