Tree Climbing


Tree Climbing


It helps if you are camping in the woods.


Two scouts: An announcer and Sven Svenson. Note that you can change the number of meters Sven climbs.


Announcer: Good (time of day), everyone. I'm lucky to be here today with Sven Svenson, renouned tree climber. He is the best tree climber in all of Germany, and possibly the world. Sven: Hallo. Announcer: So, Sven, why don't you show us your climbing? Sven: Okay. (disappears into woods, or at least hidden from audience; announcer waits a few seconds) Announcer: So, how high are you? Sven: Ten meters. Announcer: Wow! Ten meters! That's, um... (thinks to himself) Sven: 33 feet! Announcer: Okay. (waits a little more) How high are you now? Sven: Fifty meters! Announcer: Nice! (waits) How 'bout now? Sven: One hundred meters! Announcer: You can get an idea of how good Sven is. (waits) Now? Sven: I have climbed one thousand meters! Announcer: Wait a moment. I don't think there are any trees that high around here! Sven: There's not? Ahhhhhhhhhh... (thud) Announcer: Okay then. Tune in next week for "Sven Svenson: Mourning a Legend." (The End)


The Unknown Scout


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