Tree Climber

Tree Climber

Tree Climber


log and two scouts and a long peice of rope


tie the log up in a tree with the rope before the campfire


while scoutmaster is talk about something(such as telling the title of another skit) the two scouts interrupt him and say " we have been in scouts for a long time so we know these skits already and we found a tree that we want to climb." scoutmaster in return grants the favor and says "i'll keep checking up on you ok." scouts walk off into wood where they tied up the log earlier. scoutmaster goes on with a skit then checks back with the boys and ask how high they where(scouts do not actually climb tree). the scouts say about 50 to 75 feet up. scoutmaster says "ok" and continues on with a skit then checks back with the scouts. the scouts say that they are about 150 to 200 feet up. the scoutmaster then says that he doesn't think there are that high of trees where you are camping. the boys start to yell and then lets the log hit the ground as if it was them.


Tree Climber

Tree Climber Tree Climber


Maynard Ferguson


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