Trained Moose


Trained Moose


Three scouts, one poncho (or blanket), one canteen (or cup of water).


Two scouts drape a poncho over themselves, one scout behind the other, and walk around to imitate a moose. The scout in the front looks out from the poncho to see where they are going and walks around as the moose's front legs. The scout in back carries an open canteen or cup of water and follows the first scout as the moose's rear legs.


One scout announces that he has captured and trained a pet moose. He asks for a volunteer to lay on the ground so that he can command the moose to walk over the volunteer without stepping on him. The two scouts under the poncho walk forward and backward stepping over the volunteer several times. The scout who is the announcer/moose trainer says to the crowd, "Isn't that amazing folks? Why this moose is so careful, he would never step on our volunteer!" As soon as that is said, the two moose scouts make one last pass over the volunteer on the ground and the scout in the rear pours water on the face of the volunteer. The scout announcer/moose trainer exclaims, "The only problem is, I haven't been able to house train him!"


Alan Smiley


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