Toothbrush Water


Toothbrush Water


Five or Six Scouts


The Scouts stand in a line, side to side, facing the audience. The end scout has a mouthfull of water, unknown to the audience.


With the scouts in position, the end scout (other end from the one with the water) announces that the group has figured out a new way to brush their teeth and conserve water and that the group will now demonstrate.  
The first scout mimics brushing his teeth then taking a swig of water and swishing it around in his mouth. He then leans over to the next in line scout and pretends to spit the water into the scouts ear. That scout then brushes his teeth, swishs and pretends to spit into the next in line scouts ear. This continues to the last in line (the one with the mouthful of water) scout who brushes, swishes, and spits the water out on the ground!  


Michael Cordonnier


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