Too Small Tent


Too Small Tent


You will need: a small tent, meant for one person. a tarp an air mattress


Two campers walk up. C2: Hey, ______ we have been walking a while, why don’t we set up camp here? It’s nice and clear. C1: Sounds like a plan to me! The two ventures set up their tent, but soon realize how small it is. C2: Oh, no! I brought my one person tent! There is no way we could both sleep in that! C1: That’s fine, I’ll just use the tarp and put my air mattress on top of it. C2: OK! The two girls soon fall asleep, with no worries in the world except for how long it would take to get to their destination. Without any notice, a group of tough-looking “biker” girls come up, their leader is played by _____. Leader: Hey, look at this chick! Member 1: Looks like they brought a too small tent, and one had to sleep outside! Henchman: What losers she couldn’t even sleep without a mattress! We should teach them a lesson! Gang: Yea, we should. The gang commences to “beat up” the girl sleeping on the air mattress (when finished, they walk away, just out of eyesight of the audience) She wakes up, but assuming that the gang won’t come back , soon falls back asleep. Soon, the gang comes back. Leader: She still hasn’t figured it out! Well, Time to teach her again. Once again, they beat the girl, when they walk off a second time, she goes to C1, saying that she wants to switch places. C1 agrees, and they soon fall back asleep. Unfortunately, the gang comes back again, and they aren't happy to see the girl still on the mattress. Henchman: Hey, look, that girl is still there! Leader: She sure is, but we shouldn’t attack her three times. Member: Lets get the one that brought the tent in the first place! Not realizing that the girl in the tent is the first person they beat up, they attack her and walk off again, thus ending the skit.


Abby Mills (crew 314)


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