Tony Chestnut


Tony Chestnut


Tony Chestnut knows I love you
Tony knows, Tony Knows
Tony Chestnut knows I love you, that's what Tony knows.

Tony (toooe knee), Tony (toooe knee)
and his sister Ilene (I lean)
Ilene loves Neil,
but Neil loves Pat,
and Pat still loves Bob.
Then there's Russell,
and there's skip.
This song is silly,
but it's hip.
And how it ends, just one man knows,
and guess what?
It's Tony Chestnut!


Repeat the below moves each time the coordinating word is sang...
Tony-point to toes then knees
Chestnut-point to chest then head
Knows-point to nose
I-point to eye
love-cross arms across chest
you-point to someone
Ilene-lean to the side
Neil-kneel down
Pat-pat top of head
Bob-bob up and down
Russell-shake hands and make rustle noise
Skip-one little skip
This song is silly-make a silly face and noise
But it's hip- point to your hip
Just one man knows-hold up 1 finger and point to nose
Guess what-shrug shoulders with hands out

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This song is lots of fun, and you can make it gradually faster and faster.
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Tony Chestnut
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