To Build A Fire


To Build A Fire


Water buckets,and a match.




One person is standing in front of the audience. He says, "For those of you who do not know how, or those that would like to know again, I'm going to teach you how to make a fire. First, I start with the kindling." He then grabs a few of the smaller audience members and has them kneel down, huddling together like a small pile of kindling. "Now I am going put the twigs on the fire." He then proceeds to get a few medium-sized members and places them standing around the kindling with arms stretched upwards, leaning over the kindling. "For the last part, I need big logs that will burn a long time." Bigger audience members are chosen(preferably good-natured scoutmasters). "Now I will light the fire." He takes the match, and just after he strikes it on the box, a group of boys with many full fire buckets rush in and drench the newly-built fire.


Scott Sherrill


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