Tin Foil DInner


Tin Foil DInner


MEAT (HAMB Pattie, Chicken, Steak-some kind of beef), Potato (1 large per person), Carrot(as much as you like), Onion, Bell Pepper, Butter, Salt & Pepper


Tin Foil (preferably heavy duty) Heavy leather gloves Shovel Large bed of hot coals


Wash and peel potatos(or leave skin on),carrots. Slice potatos, carrots, onion and pepper thinly. Tear off large piece of tin foil(around 2 foot). Shiney side in, place layer of potato to cover bottom of meat. Put meat on top, salt and pepper, onion and pepper then add layer of carrots and more potato's. Add two large pats of butter. Fold sides of foil to make large envelope, Fold edges twice to seal top, then roll ends right up to the contents. Use shovel to clear a little area in hot coals leaving a few, with gloves place food package in space, cover with hot coals all over. In about 30 minutes (mediun size package)or 45 minutes (large man size package), use shovel to carefully remove from fire. Use gloves to shake ash from package and open. Steam from package could burn w/out gloves. Shape tin foil into plate or pour contents on to separate plate.



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This has been a regular for my Troop here in Texas. The problem with thin foil has breaking open when removing from fire. HD foil stays in one piece unless you punch it with the shovel, then you have to settle the argument between the Scouts. Enjoy.


Ferdinand Tretter


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