Tiger Cub Welcome Ceremony


Tiger Cub Welcome Ceremony


Cub Master - This Red Liquid Represents - Search (Hand 4 clear cups of red water to 4 Tiger Cubs) Cub Master - This Yellow Liquid Represents - Discover (Hand 4 clear cups of yellow water to 4 Tiger Cubs) Cub Master - Mixed together They Represent - Share Cubs all Pour thier Liquid into a Clear Bowl "the water turns orange" Cub Master - Creating what we call the Tiger Cub Den. Cub Master -And With This Tiger Cub Den Added To The Pack "Cub Master Pour Mixture into Dutch Oven Of Crushed Dry Ice" Cub Master - We Create The Magic Of Cub Scouts. Cub Master -Lets have a round of applause to welcome the New Tiger Cub Den to the Pack.


Clear Plastic Cups,Food Coloring,Dutch Oven,Clear Container,Tripod For Dutch Oven Dry Ice

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Randy Conklin


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