Three Objects


Three Objects


Night Game. Pick one person as "it". They will pick three objects (such as a tree, a tent, and a lamp post) and point them out to all the players. They will touch him until he starts counting, then they must run touch all of the three objects, and touch the person to win and be the next person it. The person that is it will finish to 10 (set a different number if it is too long or short, and regulate how fast they count), and while they are counting, they must have their eyes closed. When they stop counting, they can open their eyes, and they yell out the name and location of anyone they see. That person is out and must wait until the next round to play. When they can't see anyone, they might want to try counting again, to get everyone moving.


The first person to touch all three objects and then the person gets to be it for the next round.

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