The Weather Stick


The Weather Stick


A stick that has been all decorated  
2 fire buckets  
a few rocks  
a branch of a tree, still with the leaves


fill 1 firebucket with the rocks  
fill the other with water  
you might need a sleeping bag or something to hide the other people in the skit


get some people to hold up the sleeping bag, and stand in front of the audience. tell the audience that the stick that you are holding is a magic weather stick, and it can predict the weather. Hold the stick above your head and say "I think it is making a prediction." Hold it up to your ear, and pretend to listen to it. say that it says that is is going to be windy, and have someone move the branch around in your face, as if it is windy. then say that it is goin to hail, and have someone move rattle the firebucket with the rocks in it and act like it is hailing on you. then say that it is going to rain, and have someone throw the water on you.


Brian Barrett


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