The Two Wolves


The Two Wolves


THE TWO WOLVES An old Cherokee grandfather called all his grandchildren together one day. For many years he had been a proud warrior and a chief among his people. He had lived a full life and had gained some wisdom in his days. He wanted to impart some of this wisdom to the children of his children, and their children. The grandfather sat with his back to the lodge with all the many children in a half circle around him. He began by telling the children, “Within me are two mighty wolves and these wolves are having a great battle, each striving in its own way to destroy the other. Some days this battle favors one wolf, another day the battle favors the other wolf.” “One wolf is fighting for everything that is wrong and evil. He fights for envy, greed, intolerance, hate, wickedness, and unkindness.” “The other wolf is fighting for everything that is good and godly. He fights for compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, beauty, truth, and equity.” “It is a mighty battle; a battle that one day will end.” The old grandfather then sat still and quiet. He gazed off through the forest to a distant, unseen point. After a long pause one of the children spoke and asked: “Grandfather, which wolf will win the battle?” The grandfather looked kindly at the child and said “The wolf that will win is the one that I feed”. With that grandfather slowly stood and went into the lodge for his evening meal, leaving the children to ponder his words.


Norman Black


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