The Turtle


The Turtle


My turtle swims sideways, you're turtle swims upside down. My turtle swims sideways, you're turtle is dead.


The following kinda gives you an idea of how to sing it, if it dosn't come out right dont worry you can just invent your own way but this is the way I learned it. Low key Myyyy turtle swims siiiiiidewayyyyyys, you'rrrrre turtle swims up.side.down. Myyyy turtle swims siiidwayyyys*, your turtle is dead**. [high] * Siiiiiiidewayyyyys [low---high----low] **short, low volume, and off tone a lot. Hope that helps! :)

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I dont know where this came from just spread around my summer camp. It could be heard being screamed from across the other side of the lake.


The Unknown Scout


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