The Tree

The Tree

The Tree


A small branch


This is a good one for staff to use during a camp fire. It fills a little time between skits, is very easy to put together, and takes very little time to memorize what to do and say.


The look-out, or sentry, comes running up to the camp fire director yelling "CL, CL, (or whatever the person's name is) the Infantry is coming, the Infantry is coming, the Infantry is five miles away. CL responds with "Fine, keep me updated on the Infantry's progress." Repeat this for three miles, then One mile, then 1/2 mile, then 1/4 mile (or as many distances as you need to fill in between skits). Then finally, the look-out comes running in holding the small branch yelling "The 'INFANT TREE' is here. The 'INFANT TREE' is here."


The Tree

The Tree The Tree


Eric Mankel


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