The Texan's Lost Horse


The Texan's Lost Horse


Makeshift bar, saloon sign (optional), several bottles of root beer.


Scouts to be in western attire or at least with a couple wearing cowboy hats. There is a bartender, the Texan and several men at the bar.


The Texan gets off his (make believe) horse and ties him up in front of the saloon. He walks in. "What can I get for you, cowboy?" asks the bartender. “A bottle of Sarsaparilla,” says the Texan. “Mighty fine horse you got out there mister,” said one of the men at the bar. “Yep,” said the Texan. “Where you from, stranger?” said another man. “Texas.” (He drinks up) “Well…gotta go now.” The cowboy starts to leave but stops. “Hey…where’s my horse?” the Texan shouts. “We didn’t take it, Mister,” say the men at the bar. “No, we didn’t take it” The Texan points to them all and warns “If I don’t get my horse back, I’ll have to do what I did down in Texas!” “Look Tex..." says the bartender, "just simmer down. Have another Sarsaparilla.” “OK, another Sarsaparilla but I better get my horse back or I’ll have to do what I did down in Texas!” The Texan again finishes his drink and begins to walk out. He stops near the door and says “Good…my horse is back. It’s a good thing too, or I would have had to do what did down in Texas!” “Say Mister..." said one of the men at the bar, "just what WAS it you did down in Texas, anyway?” “I had to walk home.” said the Texan


Ferdinand Tretter


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