The Tank


The Tank




Practice makes perfect


Cast:5 scouts and the introducer....a scout or a scoutmaster  
for scouts are wandering around aimlessly and the INT walks in...  
INT: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to welcome you to our troop war games. As we do not want to have any on injured we will not be useing actual weapons. The weapons we will be useing will be sound effects.  
A knife attack will be simbolized by STAB,STAB  
A gun by BANG,BANG  
And also a Granade which is LOB,LOB.  
Lets see what happens....  
at this point one new scout sneaks up behind one of the other scouts and makes the motions of a knife and yells "STAB,STAB" the victem falls to the ground and the attacker runs off in the direction of another scout, stays at a distance and yells "BANG,BANG" and the scout falls to the ground, the attacker then sneaks around until he spots another scout and makes the motion of throwing a granade and yells "LOB,LOB" and this scout falls.  
now the Attacker wanders around looking for another victim, he spots hism and runs up and makes the motion and yells "STAB,STAB",nothing happens so he backs up and yells "BANG,BANG", again nothing happensso he backs up further and yells "LOB,LOB" and makes the motions, once again nothing happens....  
feeling discuraged the attacker walks up to the scout and goes "Why can't I kill you, I mean i stabed you I shot you and I even threw a granade at you. Explain yourself!"  
the scout goes "You can't kill me 'cause I'm a TANK, RUMBLE RUMBLE."  
the attacker then runs off screaming...  


Richard Stamets


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