The Talking Stick


The Talking Stick


a walking staff


learn your lines


In the beginning you have one of the boys walk up with a stick and say. anouncer:“come one come all and see the amazing talking stick." Anouncer:"who shall be the first person to listen to the amazing talking stick?" then the anouncer will walk over and pick some on from the troop (that knows what to do.!) then the anouncer says "now he shall listen to what the stick has to say" and the person he choose will listen and fall over dead. anouncer : " well i geuss i will just drag this body over here" he drags the body over to the side. then he goes out and finds the next person. and the same thing happens and he piles the bodies up over on the side. and then after about 5 or 6 guys the anouncer will will look out into the audience and say " well i am all out of people" I guess that is what they get for listening to the staff!


rickman chad


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