The Suitcase


The Suitcase




At least 5 scouts (the more-the merrier) pretend to be in a vehicle on their way to a camping trip with one scout pretending to drive. Everyone is discussing how fun this camping trip is going to be.


1st Scout: Oh no! I forgot my toothbrush! Driver: Don't worry...I packed an extra one in my suitcase. 2nd Scout: Uh Oh! I forgot my sleeping bag. Driver: Never fear...I brought an extra one in my suitcase. (And so each scout comes up with something they forgot and the driver assures them that he brought one. It's fun to come up with outrageous stuff like underwear and nose hair clippers!) (Finally, they reach their campsite and all of the scouts pile out and head to the back of the car to unload their gear. Driver seems to be searching and searching.) Driver: Hey guys! I remembered to pack an extra of everything in my suitcase, but you know what I forgot?!... All of the other Scouts: What?! Driver: My suitcase.


Quincy Hadley


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